We (Camilla & Evelina) have a long, shared history that began at Toni and Guy in 2005. Then in 2007, we took the plunge and opened our own salon: Junkstyle was born! After 12 years as junkstyle we have now moved on and opened a brand new salon, billie boutique and salon!

Over the past years we have built our business into a successful one, winning praises and prizes, among these achievements are awards for both Hair Team of the Year and Hairdresser of the Year. 

Christine, who we got to know well during our time at Toni and Guy, has now joined us, as a valued colleague . After 11 years we have been reunited to form a virtual dream team, and we couldn't be prouder or happier. Christine is especially passionate about color, and during the past few years has worked as en educator in color techniques parallel to her work in the salon. 
We also work quite a lot outside the salon, as freelancers on photoshoots, at fashion shows, as well as educations and workshops. We have spent a lot of time working at Mercedes Benz Fashion week, and keep a watchful eye on the happenings in fashion and hair trends. 

We do our best to incorporate sustainability into our work both in and out of the salon, that's why all the products and colors we work with are eco-friendly.

At Junkstyle we offer the best possible service and quality combined with knowledge and experience. We want you to feel at home in our relaxed space, almost like you're hanging out in our living room! Take a seat, have a coffee and relax. If you want, you can even take your computer with you, connect to our wi-fi and work a little while you wait! 

If you're interested in making a big change with either your cut or color, or are looking for new tips, you are always welcome to book a free consultation with us. 

Welcome to billie boutique & salon! 
Warm regards,
Camilla, Evelina & Christine